Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Vision of the College is to provide affordable quality education, while equipping student with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream of Arts, Science and Commerce, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potentials and thus shape them into future leaders, and above all good human being. The college intends to provide higher education to the rural students at a low and affordable cost, serve the social needs, uplift the academic standards of the regional youths and foster an enduring sense of discipline and single minded dedication to work.


The Mission is to provide quality and value based education to the students coming from rural parts in the fieldof arts, science and commerce. Promote the college into an institution of quality education, to serve the regionalyouth by providing them easy access to higher education and job opportunities. To transform the vision intoreality the mission of the college is to:-
To develop all round personality of students.
To inculcate social values in the students to motivate them towards community services.
To sensitize the students on issues relating to ecology, environment, hu-man rights and gender equality.
To develop critical thinking in students to achieve creative excellence.
To provide best possible education to all youths of the society without any discrimination.
To provide job and skill oriented education. To create responsible and a respectable citizen.