To keep the flame of mathematics burning even in the rural area and resource-less environment  by maintaining the low cost quality education matching to college’s  vision and through the dedication in mathematics.

To emerge as a National Center of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research in this rural area.


To produce postgraduate students with strong foundation to join research and to serve in the Society.

To make student competent in the life that they can never be defeated in the transforming scenario.

To achieve the high standards of excellence in generating and propagating mathematical knowledge.

To provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of mathematics, and understand the use of mathematics in other disciplines.

To create an atmosphere conductive to high class research and to produce researchers with clear thinking and determination, who can become experts in future in relevant areas of Mathematics.


Guiding the students for an overall development to meet the ever growing challenges of the society with Mathematical tools.

To give the individual an understanding of ideas and operations in number and quantity needed in daily life.

To enable the individual to apply his mathematics to a wide range of problems that occur in daily life.

To enable the student to acquire and develop mathematical skills and attitude to meet the demands of (i) daily life (ii) future mathematical work and (iii) work in the related fields of knowledge.


To acquire knowledge and understanding of the terms, concepts, principles, processes, symbols and mastery of computational and other fundamental processes that are required in daily life and for higher learning in mathematics.

To apply mathematical knowledge and skills to solve problems that occur in daily life as well as the problems related to higher learning in mathematics or allied areas.

To develops ability to analyze, to draw inferences, and to generalize from the collected data and evidence.

To apply mathematical knowledge and skills to solve real mathematical problems by developing abilities to analyze, to see interrelationship involved, to think and reason.

To develop necessary skills to work with modern technological devices such as calculations, computers, etc.