Secretary Message

Secretary Message
Dear students,
Shantri Bai College stands for structure, stability and it’s commitment to discipline. We also ceaselessly strive to keep abreast of our times to be able to create an environment at school that nurtures all the faculties of our children: social, physical, intellectual and emotional. We like our children to feel safe, well-loved and secure in the understanding that every one of them is special.

One of the things that bothered me when I was a student here is the condition of the below average performers. We constantly strive to improve the performance of “below average” students. Also the fact that there were very little sports and other activities, for which our College has taken bold steps.

Now we have ample opportunity for all of these plus there is a counsellor to help the poor performers do better. We have reduced the number of children in each class to get an improved teacher student ratio, which at shantri Bai College now stands at 1: 20, which is now one of the best in the University and compared to some of the international College.

We should not judge a book by the cover and a student from his report card. Shantri bai College is working on all round development of students, it will take years to show some tangible results, but there is considerable progress in this direction. The challenge right now with us is embracing modern Education methods without forgetting our time tested teaching techniques to provide world class education

Secretary - Mr. Kamlesh Chandrakar